On this page you will find the virtual handouts for our course.

Formulas and Tables

Formulas and Tables- This is a printable pdf that includes formulas and statistical tables you will need for this course.

MS Excel How To's

Notes and Video Tutorials


Each of the following contains simple instructions. You may wish to print and keep them near your computer while you complete your MS Excel assignments.

Some Summary Statistics

The Data Analysis Add-In

If you need help installing this Add-in, check out this YouTube video at https://youtu.be/_yNxLFagKgw

If you are using Office 365 (you may get it free through your college) on a Mac:

  1. In Excel, Click on the Data tab on top

  2. On the right side you should see a section called “Analysis tools,” Click on it

  3. A new window appears for “Add-ins” and “Analysis ToolPak” should be listed there.

  4. Check the box for “Analysis ToolPak” and click “OK”

  5. The function should now appear under “Analysis tools” as “Data Analysis”


If you don't have the Analysis ToolPak Add-In (say, on your Mac), you can still get all the "Descriptives" using Excel . Check out this handy YouTube video at https://youtu.be/-ZfAiaFucEY

Scatter Plots


Two-sample t-test

Examples of Two-Sample t-Tests


More regression examples


Video Tutorials for Using MS Excel

Using Excel to Compute the Sum and the Mean of a Set of Data [YouTube]

Using Excel to Compute some other Descriptive Statistics [YouTube]

Using the 'Descriptive Statistics' Tool in Excel [YouTube]

Using Excel to Construct a Scatter Plot [YouTube]

Using Excel to Compute the Correlation Coefficient [YouTube]

Using Excel to Perform Regression Analysis [YouTube]

To Prep for Exams

Study Sheets

This section contains printable sets of brief notes summarized from lectures.

Some Definitions

Terminology Review

Rules of Probability

Using the Z Distribution for Confidence Interval Estimation

General Formula for Confidence Interval Estimators

Steps in Hypothesis Testing

Inference Overview- What to look for when you do the problems

Hypothesis Testing Sample Problem. This worked-out problem illustrates the parts of a hypothesis test that MUST be present when you are asked to test a hypothesis.

A Deeper Understanding of Hypothesis Testing - Substantiating vs Refuting Claims

Steps in Regression

Review Sessions

A Review session for Exam #2 (Probability through Sampling Distributions) [PPT (no narration) ||PDF ]

A Review Session for Inference Problems [ppt Lecture || PDF || YouTube Video]

A Review Session - Two-sample t-tests with MS Excel [ppt Lecture || PDF || YouTube Video]

A Review Session - Solving Regression Problems with MS Excel [ppt Lecture || PDF || YouTube Video]

Zoom Recorded Review Session for Exam #4 (2-sample tests; correlation and regression) [YouTube]

Practice Problems

Practice Problems for the Quiz (Exam #1)

Practice Problems for Exam #2

Practice Problems for Midterm (Exam #1 + Exam #2)

Practice Problems for Topic: Normal Distribution

Practice Problems for Topic: Sampling Distributions

Practice Problems for Exam #3

Practice Problems for Topic: Inference [Two Practice Sets]

Practice Problems for Topic: Inference Potpourri || Solutions to this practice set

Practice Problems for Topic: Two-sample inference with MS Excel

Practice Problems for Exam #4

Practice Problems for Topic: Correlation & Regression

Practice Problems for the Comprehensive Final Exam

How-to Study Guide

In general, the best way to study for any exam in this course is to do lots and lots of problems.

Still TBD: How To Study for the Inference Exam: A YouTube Video (created with Screencast-O-Matic). Note his video is old - the course website has been recently updated.

FAQ for the Final Exam

FAQ for the Comprehensive Final Exam, for Prof. Linda Friedman's students at Baruch College.