Professor Friedman's

Introduction to Statistics


Welcome to the Home page of our Introduction to Business Statistics course! These course materials have been developed by Professor Linda W. Friedman of Baruch College Zicklin School of Business and Professor Hershey H. Friedman of Brooklyn College, both part of The City University of New York. We gratefully acknowledge the assistance of students and faculty colleagues at these and other academic institutions and, especially, of the CUNY Open Educational Resources Initiative at the Brooklyn College Library. Click on any of the page links at the left to get started. You may wish to start with the "Overview of the Lectures" page... Enjoy!

This is a broad-based introductory business statistics course that focuses on descriptive statistics, regression, estimation, and testing hypotheses. Topics covered include graphical methods, descriptive statistics, probability and probability distributions, the normal distribution, sampling distribution of the mean, estimation for means and proportions, hypothesis testing for one and two groups, and linear regression and correlation.

  • Learn how to summarize data (descriptive statistics)
  • Learn how to use sample data to make inferences about population parameters.
  • Become an informed user of statistical analysis.
  • Learn to think for yourself.
  • Knowledge of statistics will allow you to see the difference between junk science and real science.
  • Develop the skills to identify the appropriate statistical technique for the analysis of data.
  • Learn how to present and interpret data for people not familiar with statistics.
  • Understand how to use the computer (e.g., MS Excel) for data analysis.
  • Statistical techniques covered will include Z-tests, t-tests, F-tests, correlation and simple regression.
  • One-sample and two-sample tests will be covered.