Spring 2022 STA 2000

@ Baruch College

Section LMFB will be FULLY ONLINE with both synchronous and asynchronous class components.
Synchronous classes meet over Zoom on
Fridays beginning at 9:05AM

    • In-class Bb exams begin at 9:05 AM exactly. Class will continue after the exam is concluded (see schedule below) .

    • On days when there is no exam, class will take place from 9:05AM - 11:35AM followed by office hours until noon.

Office hours will take place in the Zoomiverse. Can't make it at the above time? Email me to schedule a meeting. We will work it out.
Contact Professor Linda W. Friedman:
Linda.Friedman@baruch.cuny.edu OR Prof.Friedman@gmail.com



Before class: Visit the Lectures page to review class notes in pdf format, YouTube videos, and narrated PowerPoints. Then do the Homework assigned.


Fridays @ 9:05AM


Homework is due by week, not by date / time. All work for this course may be found on Blackboard under Assignments .

Friday January 28th - CUNY First Day of Classes

Week 1

Topic: Intro to Business Statistics

Friday January 28
Zoom Class: Getting Started
All About Data

HW: Email me (See Bb)

Bb: Post your Intro to Our Class Blog

Week 2

Topic: Descriptive Statistics (Single Variable)

Friday February 4
Zoom Class : Overview of Topic
& Problem Session

HW: Measuring Data

Tuesday February 8 is a CUNY Friday

Week 3

Topic: Descriptive Statistics (Two Variables)

Tuesday February 8 - a CUNY Friday
Zoom Class : Overview of Topic. Problem Session.
Review for Quiz (Exam #1).
What 2 Know. Review Problems

HW: Descriptive Stats

Friday-Sunday February 11-13- Baruch College Closed

Week 4

Exam #1 .
New Topic: Basic Probability

Friday February 18
Exam #1 (a quiz)
on Blackboard

Exam will cover Introduction, Descriptive Statistics. 9:05 - 9:45AM
Zoom Class: Basic Probability. Class will begin shortly after the quiz.

HW: Descriptive Stats (2 Variables)

Monday February 21- Baruch College Closed

Week 5

Topic: Probability Distributions - Binomial Distribution.

Friday February 25
Zoom Class: Overview of Topic
& Problem Session

HW: Probability
Bb: Begin work on Making Statistics Relevant (Discussion2) DUE Week 9

Week 6

Topic: Probability Distributions - Normal Distribution

Friday March 4
Zoom Class: Overview of Topic
& Problem Session

HW: Expected Value
HW: Binomial Distribution

Week 7

Topic: Continue work on Normal Distribution; Sampling Distributions

Friday March 11
Zoom Class: Overview of Topic
. Problem Session. Review for Exam #2

HW: Normal Distribution

Week 8

Exam #2
New Topic: Intro to Statistical Inference (Z distribution)

Friday March 18
Exam #2
on Blackboard

Exam will cover Probability thru Sampling Distributions. 9:05 - 10:05AM
Zoom Class: Statistical Inference. Class will begin shortly after the exam.

HW: Sampling Distributions

Week 9

Topic: Continuation of Inference using the Z statistic; The "Student's t" distribution. Inferences about Proportions

Friday March 25
Zoom Class: Overview of Topic
& Problem Session

HW: One-sample Z tests
Bb: Making Statistics Relevant

Week 10

Topic: Sample Size Determination,

Friday April 1
Zoom Class: Overview of Topic
& Problem Session

HW: One-sample t

Week 11

Exam #3
Next Topic: Two-sample hypothesis tests, Correlation

Friday April 8
Exam #3
on Blackboard

Exam will cover all of statistical inference. 9:05 - 10:20AM (TBD)
Zoom Class: Two-sample hypothesis tests. Class will begin shortly after the exam.

HW: Inference with Proportions

Spring Recess April 15 - April 22

Week 12

Topic: Correlation, Simple Regression

Friday April 29
Zoom Class: Overview of Topic
& Problem Sessio

HW: Two-sample tests (Parts I,II,III)

Week 13

Topic: Exam #4 Q&A

Friday May 6

9:00-10:00AM on Zoom:
Optional Q&A for Exam #4

Exam #4 on Blackboard:

Exam will cover 2-sample hypothesis tests; correlation & regression

HW: Correlation

HW: Regression

No homework of any kind accepted after May 10

Week 14

Study for the Comprehensive Final Exam [all topics].

If you do well on Exams 1-4 you may be exempt from the final.

Friday May 13
Zoom Class: Review for Final Exam

NO office hours available after May 17.

Tuesday May 17th - CUNY Last Day of Classes


Final Exam

Friday May 20
10:30AM - 12:30PM

on Blackboard

Final exam is comprehensive

1) Also see the Baruch College Academic Calendar.
2) Late Discussion posts will not be graded. No exceptions here.