Spring 2022 STA 2000

@ Baruch College

Section LMFB will be FULLY ONLINE with both synchronous and asynchronous class components.
Synchronous classes meet over Zoom on
Fridays beginning at 9:05AM

    • In-class Bb exams begin at 9:05 AM exactly. Class will continue after the exam is concluded (see schedule below) .

    • On days when there is no exam, class will take place from 9:05AM - 11:35AM followed by office hours until noon.

Office hours will take place in the Zoomiverse. Can't make it at the above time? Email me to schedule a meeting. We will work it out.
Contact Professor Linda W. Friedman:
Linda.Friedman@baruch.cuny.edu OR Prof.Friedman@gmail.com



Before class: Visit the Lectures page to review class notes in pdf format, YouTube videos, and narrated PowerPoints. Then do the Homework assigned.


Fridays @ 9:05AM


Homework is due by week, not by date / time. All work for this course may be found on Blackboard under Assignments .

Friday January 28th - CUNY First Day of Classes

Week 1

Topic: Intro to Business Statistics

Friday January 28
Zoom Class: Getting Started
All About Data

HW: Email me (See Bb)

Bb: Post your Intro to Our Class Blog

Week 2

Topic: Descriptive Statistics (Single Variable)

Friday February 4
Zoom Class : Overview of Topic
& Problem Session

HW: Measuring Data

Tuesday February 8 is a CUNY Friday

Week 3

Topic: Descriptive Statistics (Two Variables)

Tuesday February 8 - a CUNY Friday
Zoom Class : Overview of Topic. Problem Session. Review for Quiz (Exam #1).

HW: Descriptive Stats

Friday-Sunday February 11-13- Baruch College Closed

Week 4

Exam #1 .
New Topic: Basic Probability

Friday February 18
Exam #1 (a quiz)
on Blackboard

Exam will cover Introduction, Descriptive Statistics. 9:05 - 9:45AM
Zoom Class: Basic Probability. Class will begin shortly after the quiz.

HW: Descriptive Stats (2 Variables)

Monday February 21- Baruch College Closed

Week 5

Topic: Probability Distributions - Binomial Distribution.

Friday February 25
Zoom Class: Overview of Topic
& Problem Session

HW: Probability
Bb: Begin work on Making Statistics Relevant (Discussion2) DUE Week 9

Week 6

Topic: Probability Distributions - Normal Distribution

Friday March 4
Zoom Class: Overview of Topic
& Problem Session

HW: Expected Value
HW: Binomial Distribution

Week 7

Topic: Continue work on Normal Distribution; Sampling Distributions

Friday March 11
Zoom Class: Overview of Topic
. Problem Session. Review for Exam #2

HW: Normal Distribution

Week 8

Exam #2
New Topic: Intro to Statistical Inference (Z distribution)

Friday March 18
Exam #2
on Blackboard

Exam will cover Probability thru Sampling Distributions. 9:05 - 10:15AM
Zoom Class: Statistical Inference. Class will begin shortly after the exam.

HW: Sampling Distributions

Week 9

Topic: The "Student's t" distribution. Inferences about Proportions

Friday March 25
Zoom Class: Overview of Topic
& Problem Session

HW: One-sample Z tests
Bb: Making Statistics Relevant

Week 10

Topic: Sample Size Determination, Two-sample hypothesis tests

Friday April 1
Zoom Class: Overview of Topic
& Problem Session

HW: One-sample t
HW: Proportions

Week 11

Exam #3
Next Topic: Correlation

Friday April 8
Exam #3
on Blackboard

Exam will cover all of statistical inference. 9:05 - 10:20AM
Zoom Class: Correlation. Class will begin shortly after the exam.

HW: Two-sample tests (Parts I,II,III)

Spring Recess April 15 - April 22

Week 12

Topic: Simple Regression

Friday April 29
Zoom Class: Overview of Topic
& Problem Sessio

HW: Correlation

Week 13

Topic: Correlation & Regression Q&A

Zoom Class: Brief Review of Correlation & Regression

Friday May 6
Exam #4
on Blackboard

Exam follows review and will cover correlation & regression

HW: Regression

No homework of any kind accepted after May 10

Week 14

Study for the Comprehensive Final Exam [all topics].

If you do well on Exams 1-4 you may be exempt from the final.

Friday May 13
Zoom Class: Final Exam Q&A

NO office hours available after May 17.

Tuesday May 17th - CUNY Last Day of Classes


Final Exam


on Blackboard

Final exam is comprehensive

See the Baruch College Final Exam Schedule

1) Also see the Baruch College Academic Calendar.
2) Late Discussion posts will not be graded. No exceptions here.