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Final Examination FAQs

For Baruch College STA 2000 Students -

What is the format of the Final Exam?

Multiple-choice questions.  Your answers go on an answer sheet (or Scantron card) but you will also have to show your work.

How many questions?


Is it a departmental exam?


Is it comprehensive?


What topics should I study?

(See above.) Everything from the beginning of the course to the end.  

Are there reviews? Practice Exams?

Yes, see the "Prep for Exams" section of the Handouts page

What should I bring to the exam?

Something to write with, probably a #2 pencil. And a calculator.

Should I bring formula sheets? Tables?

You will be provided with formulas and tables.  

How many questions?

Two hours worth.

How will the final grade be calculated?

According to the grading plan laid out in the syllabus.

Can you teach me everything I need to know for the final?

Sure. Just come to class all during the semester. And review the online lecture notes. No problem.

Will we be allowed to go to the bathroom during the exam?

Absolutely not.

If I show you that another STA 2000 instructor has a better way of calculating the final grade in the course, will you use that one?

If I show you that another STA 2000 student has done better work than you, will you ... um, never mind.

How many questions?

just one. with lots of parts.