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Homework Assignments

Do the Homework Assignment first, without looking at the Solutions.  Then compare.
(These are the same homework assignments and solutions listed on the "Topics" page.)

Topic    HW  Solution
 Introduction - "Measuring" Data   HW   Solution 
 Descriptive  Statistics, Single Variable   HW   Solution 
 Descriptive Statistics, Two Variables - Scatter Plot HW   HW   Solution 
 Introduction to Probability   HW   Solution 
 Expected Value   HW   Solution 
 The Binomial Distribution   HW   Solution 
 The Normal Distribution   HW   Solution 
 Sampling Distributions   HW   Solution 
 Statistical Inference   HW   Solution 
 One-sample Z [Two-Tail  and One-Tail Z Tests for the mean]   HW   Solution 
 The Student's t Distribution [one-sample t-tests]   HW   Solution 
 Inferences About the Proportion   HW   Solution 
 Two-Sample Z Tests for the Mean    HW   Solution 
 Two-Sample t Tests for the Mean    HW   Solution 
 Two-Sample Z Tests for the Proportion    HW   Solution 
 Chi-square Distribution   HW   Solution 
 Correlation      HW   Solution 
 Simple Linear Regression   HW   Solution